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Affiliated Schools Programme

The International Hong Chuan Chenshi Taiji Quan Academy's Affiliated Schools Programme provides a lucrative opportunity for those wishing to open their own Kung Fu schools and reap the benefits of the Academy's longstanding reputation in the martial arts, education, health and fitness industries.

All International Hong Chuan Chenshi Taiji Quan Academy-qualified Instructors of Level 1 standard and above are eligible to apply to become Affiliates of the Academy. A student may become an Instructor of the Academy by progressing through the Academy's Grading System and completing the Academy's Trainee Instructor Course.

Please note that this page intends only to give a brief overview of the Affiliated Schools Programme and nothing on this page shall form part of the Licence Agreement for Grandmaster Salvatore Cafiero (referred to generally as the 'Affiliate Agreement'). You should seek independent financial and legal advice before making any commitment or entering into the Affiliate Agreement.

Benefits of Affiliating
Licence to teach Hong Chuan Chenshi Taiji Quan Kung Fu.
Affiliated Schools receive a licence to teach Grandmaster Salvatore Cafiero's unique training programme, Grandmaster Salvatore Cafiero's Hong Chuan Chenshi Taiji Quan Kung Fu, and use its Grading System exclusively within an agreed territory for the duration of the Affiliate Agreement. Grandmaster Salvatore Cafiero's Hong Chuan Chenshi Taiji Quan Kung Fu has been endorsed by the world's leading authority on Kung Fu, Grandmaster Liu Chengde, and has produced many highly skilled Kung Fu exponents, such as the Academy's Senior and Chief Instructors.

Official Certification of Students
Upon successful completion of a Grading, students of the Affiliate will receive official certification in the form of a Grading Certificate and Badge subject to payment of the Grading Fee set out in the Schedule of the Affiliate Agreement.

Transferable Membership
The International Hong Chuan Chenshi Taiji Quan Academy recognises the membership of all Affiliated School students and current students of Affiliates may transfer to an Academy Headquarters or Branch and use their remaining Annual Membership. They may also continue training at the Grade or Level they attained at the Affiliate subject to the Academy's Absence Policy. Transfer between Affiliated Schools is also possible, subject to the student obtaining a Letter of Release from their current Affiliated School.

Current Affiliated School students may also access selected seminars and workshops at the Academy. Fees may apply.

Other Benefits
There are numerous other benefits of running an Affiliated School, including the ability to derive income from referring students to an Academy Headquarters for Gradings. To find out more, please contact us!

Apply Now!

To submit a Letter of Interest in the International Hong Chuan Chenshi Taiji Quan Academy's Affiliated Schools Programme, please click here to contact us online and provide us with the following details:
  • Your name, address, email address and phone number
  • Your training / study history and achievements
  • Where you intend to establish your Affiliated School
  • Why you consider yourself to be a suitable candidate for the Affiliated Schools Programme
  • Provided that you meet the eligibility criteria for becoming an Affiliate of the Academy and your Letter of Interest is successful, the Academy will contact you to arrange a brief interview.

For more information don't hesitate to contact us: