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Grandmaster Chen Fake

The famous Master Chen Fake (1887-1957), born and grown up in the Chen village of Henan, represented the seventeenth generation of the Taiji Chen style. His great grandfather was the legendary Master Chen Changxing.

His grandfather, Chen Genyun, and his father, Chen Yangxi, were both very famous Masters of Taiji.

As a child, Master Fake was not healthy and, owing to an unbalanced nutrition, he was very ill of stomach. To cure this illness at the age of fourteen he was introduced to the Taiji chuan practice. From then onwards he constantly practiced every day for several hours.

Later, his illness disappeared and he developed a great ability in Taiji. Nevertheless, unsatisfied with the level he reached, he continued studying under the severe guidance of his father. Ability and interior energy became extraordinary, the Tui Shou technique was impeccable and refined; all the Masters he met there on could not equal him.

His fame grew even more when he defeated the instructors of martial arts of Hang Fuqiu, lord of war. He moved to Pechino in 1928 so as to spread Taiji and accepted whoever wanted to fight against him thus gaining the fame of  “best Taiji teacher under the sky” and bringing his style of Taiji to respectabilty and well known everywhere he exhibited.

Before all this, the chen Taiji was a secret revealed to very few who deserved it. By founding the Zhongzhou institute, he revealed to all his knowledge.

He is famous not only for his capabilities but also for his uncommon moral virtues.

In almost thirty years of carrier, he never badly hurt anyone even counting his numerous fights and he could count on many friends within the martial art world.