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Grandmaster Liu Chengde

The Grandmaster Liu Cheng De was born in 1940 in Jinan, county of Shandong, and starts his practice of the Taiji Yang style in 1964.

He is introduced to Master Hong Junsheng in 1967 by his friend Liu Ziheng and since then has never stopped practicing and studying the Chen Taiji Quan style.

Master Liu has had the opportunity and luck to study for over thirty years Master Hong's direct teachings of the style and he received not only the profound transmission of the form but also the keys for the comprehension of esoteric links which unite Taiji to states of conscience that permit the development of individual spiritual talents.

Even though he underlines the importance of living a simple life in his teachings, and to take care of the importance when cultivating good social relationships with other people, he is well known for his extraordinary martial art capabilities all over.

With his disciples, he promotes constant practice and love for understanding both indispensable for receiving the subtle nature of Yin/Yang by the careful observation of nature's laws.

His teaching carrier is distinguished by the numerous and excellent successes obtained as guide of martial arts in Jinan city and he has been the trainer since 1990.